Lost in the Shuffle

Lost. Unrecognizable, alone and confused amid a mass of humanity. That is the plight of many in the Christian church today. We know and recognize the lost outside the church, but who ministers to those who are feel lost and alone inside the church? Recent surveys reveal people are leaving the church in droves. It appears that in our zeal to work for the kingdom of God that we have “lightly esteemed” those whom we see as weak links in the body of Christ. And they know it.

I know what some of you are thinking- oh grow up, stop being such a baby Christian. If I never hear those Christianese phrases again it will be all the same to me. Jesus came not to condemn but to save – period! Yes, he rebuked Peter, the Pharisees, and others who were missing his point at a time of teaching, but I do not recall him ever looking at fellow believer and saying “you get on my nerves with all your struggling and confusion- grow up!” No, he did not. Her rebuked unbelief, doubt, and distrust in His followers who had been with him. He offered to walk beside the weak and support them, encourage them, and minister to them, without exacting unrealistic requirements of them. Now that’s ministry. It’s love, real love for people. He gave whatever it took to help them. No one who showed genuine faith in Him was ever turned away.

I have recently revisited the Sermon on the Mount of Matthew 5, and I am seeing Jesus in an entirely different light. I am on a journey to truly understand who Jesus really was and is, so I can be more like Him. A strong desire is deep within my heart to help people, truly help them get on track with their lives, especially with regard to the spiritual. I’m seeking God, studying God’s word, and praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all respects. I’m laying down the life I used to think was the Christian lifestyle, and I’m tying on the towel ready to wash the feet of whosoever will come. For the first time in my life, I can say my eyes are opened to what it means to be a follower of Christ. May The Lord bless you and keep you, may He show the truth of His word to you now and forever. Amen. Keep looking up!


One thought on “Lost in the Shuffle

  1. Wanda Barrett

    It’s ironic you choose this title “Lost InThe Shuffel”. This was confirmation for me about a situation. I had been questioning God about what He had spoke to me a couple of days ago. Wow! This Truth Talk is truly what’s happening in today’s church. You are right on target! Praise God and keep seeking!

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