Affronted by the Snakes

Snakes– the word alone brings a tightening of the breath and creates deep-seated fear and dread in many. Throughout my life, they seem to have been present to represent danger for me on more than one occasion. With the recent deluge of precipitation in the certain parts of the US, snakes are on the move this summer more than usual. I have encountered two such serpents at our home recently. One was a rather large snake that lounged on the bannister of the front porch as if it owned the house and everything in it! A few days later, I confronted by a slightly smaller snake that strode boldly from the front yard to the back yard oblivious to my presence.

When I saw both of these creature, I knew they represented a spiritual message, for God has often used serpents to demonstrate satan’s intended activity in my life. Now I’m not speaking expressly of the slithering things that run across the yard, but the snakes and scorpions (demonic activity) that Jesus gave His followers authority over in Matt.10.

The Holy Spirit is alerting us to the intensity of demonic activity which is more bold and overt. No longer does it hide and slink around in the recesses of darkness, but it is in your face!

It struck me as odd that these snakes were all seen in the front yard and I discovered the reason. I expect to see them in the back yard because conditions are more conducive for an encounter there, but not at the front of the house where the dangers of people, pets, cars, etc., can spell disaster for them. The boldness serves as a warning of the frontal attack of the enemy coming against our lives.

I enjoy researching words, their derivation, meanings, and historical values. The word affront means “to be defiant to” and “to appear directly before”. That’s what satan is doing now; he has become a bold affront to God, His people, and His plans. So if you find yourself experiencing the effects of the frontal assault, hold fast to God, His word, and His people. He will defend you as you withstand the enemy’s advances. I know it can be rough from the human perspective, but the final outcome is good and it always glorifies God if we honor Him in it.

God is a faithful God who loves us and seeks our best. By submitting ourselves to God and His plans for us, just as Peter was desired by satan to be sifted as wheat and Job was assaulted by satan on all fronts, we too can come out of the experience with newness of purpose, the unspeakable joy, the spiritual strength and the anointing of God like never before. God is preparing His people for great and mighty works, but satan is also affronting God and His people as much as is allowable. It is already happening to me. The snakes came and at the opportune time they bit- hard! Get the mind of Christ on everything- every decision. I speak not to incite fear in you, but to elicit God-given wisdom. One must be prudent when dealing with the enemy. God’s blessings on those who hold fast to God in the fiery trials! (1 Pet. 1:6-9).

Impressions: I believe this is truly a time for more prayer and fasting before The Lord for wisdom resulting in spiritual insight, boldness to take a stand for God in the face of adversity, strength to fight the good fight of faith, and the courage to confront the enemies of past and present and defeat them! We are past the time of scaring the enemy so he runs away; it is time to annihilate him once and for all in our lives!


One thought on “Affronted by the Snakes

  1. Wanda Barrett

    I think you are right on target! This to has been a sign for me that demonic spirits will be operating in my life as well. However; I did see a snake but it was slithering away from me. However; my husband did have an experience with one a couple of weeks ago and would you know, Holy Spirit reminded me of an insistence several years ago my husband was involved in; I immediately came against the demonic spirit that was about to try and use this same trick he had used in the past against my husband. We have to look at our past to see how satan comes against us. Once we learn/recoginize these tricks, we can immediately disengage the enemy’s plan against us. You are right on target! We win again. Praise God!! Love it.

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