So What Are You Waiting For?

I read the following statement posted by a follower on my Twitter site: Purpose is the master of motivation and the mother of commitment. The more I pondered these words, the more truth sprang forth from them.

If you have been following my spiritual journey this summer, I think you would agree it has be quite a trip! God has been doing the most amazing things! He answered my pray from early June for the summer to be a time of spiritual growth, and I am humbled and most grateful at what He is doing for many.

As I find the time approaching quickly to put this newfound spiritual understanding to the test, I also encounter old adversaries doubt and fear, along with various other obstacles rising up to stop me. Imagine that, someone does not want me to practice what I have been preaching! Arise faith! Just as a young David had in his heart to fight the arrogant and disrespectful Goliath, we too must arise in faith and go forward with the assignment God has given to each. I love the fact that David did not want God to be mocked through his life, cowering before his enemy. When I read that (1 Sam.17) David fought for God’s honor, I was sincerely touched. Do I live a life that fights for God’s honor? Is my life one that brings Him honor? Is He mocked through the manner in which I live my daily life? Ouch!

David, though an unlikely choice for such a formidable foe, said let me go and fight for my King. Do you possess this kind of spirit in your heart? Do you have a strong desire to be the one to arise and say as Isaiah did in his vision of God, Lord, I’ll go, send me.

It is time to step up and step out of all we know to be safe and comfortable and go! Today, God is looking for those who will arise in faith and say, Lord, I’ll go, send me – to the lost in my community, I’ll go to the sick and dying, I’ll go to the rebellious and the reprobates of society, places most will not go. Have we lost heart for our assignments? I think of Matt. 22 when the master sends His servants to the highways and byways to compel those who were NOT invited to the marriage supper to simply come. We’re there folks! The work is of great magnitude, but the laborers are few.

Here’s where things gets interesting. I have to ask myself these questions: Do you know your purpose? Are you committed to it, in faith, regardless of the consequences? This is where life gets very real. Do you hear God calling you to go? Are you truly committed to the completion of preparation for and the fulfillment of that purpose- whatever it takes? Some weighty thoughts to ponder I must admit, but oh so necessary to get yourself on the other side of doubt and fear, which render us ineffectual for God.

David could have easily lost the battle, God’s honor, and his life by standing up to this enemy, but God was with him. He defeated an adversary that made seasoned warriors tremble. A teenager, a kid, accomplished this great feat for God, through God in faith. David knew God; therefore, he trusted Him. That’s relationship. If David can defeat his enemy through faith in God, we can too.

Fast forward a few thousand years – same God, same enemy, same battles. So, here we are on the battlefield. Are you motivated by your purpose, committed to carry it out in faith? I believe you are! You will find your motivation and commitment through relationship with God, by His Holy Spirit. There, at the feet of Jesus you will be equipped to enter battle and carry out your God-given purpose to honor Him with your life! God’s speed, my brothers and sisters! Charge!


2 thoughts on “So What Are You Waiting For?

  1. Wanda Barrett

    Well again, this was what I needed to hear; this was confirmation to a question I had ask God last night (did not get an answer). I ask Him for confirmation instead of an answer this morning. I saw a few minutes ago you had a new post and there was my confirmation !! Again, Praise His Holy Name Jesus, Jesus,Jesus!!!! Wonderful counselor, mighty in strength, healer, peace maker, provider!!!! Jo, I believe we are going into a new season and as I write this reply Holy Spirit is all over me!!! I thank God for you and pray blessings over take you, Randy and your household!!!!

  2. Wanda Barrett

    I had to read this again this morning. This is a truly MAJOR writing. It is facing the giant of fear in our lives and exposing the darkness of guilt and shame on it, so Light (Jesus) can shine and bring truth to the fear. Until, we make a stand, like Queen Esther, “if I parish, I parish”; however, I would rather die trying than not to try at all”. When we take that stand, the power that is within our Spirit man, rises up and we then have taken authority over the fear! Luke 9 tells us authority was given to us by Jesus! When they (the disciples) understood they had the same authority as Jesus, they had power over devils, healed the sick, and preached the Kingdom of God. Only then was Herod Disturbed! We can disturb the enemy/enemies by rising up and taking charge of who we truly are, letting the enemy of fear know he has no power over us. As long as we hide in the darkness of fear we continue to allow the enemy to mock our God!! We cannot allow fear to control any part of our life! The battle of victory has already been won and we need to rise up and take charge!!! We are fearless and powerful and have authority!! We have Holy Spirit, ministering Angels, Jesus and God on our side. Who can be against us? What are we waiting for?

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