Running The Human Race

The Human Race- what a glorious race it is. Fashioned by the Divine Creator in His image. We are all loved before conception because He is a Father’s love. We are diverse because He is creative expression in its entirety, designed to live in the unity and the peace of His love. And then came the fall of the human race. In this fall sprang up lies, deception, and shame. Then came jealousy, hatred, and murder. From that point on, sin penetrated the world and all that was in it.

As I look at the world we live in today, I am overtaken by the same lack of love and respect for other members of the Human Race who are made in the image of the God, the Divine Creator. Throughout the many generations of humanity, a prevailing attitude of malicious intent has made its way into the depth of the human heart, thus spoiling all whose actions are controlled by it. Next, enter death and with it all that is evil, wicked, and destructive.

After six thousand years of history, we have become a sea of division and self-centeredness lost among a political and social structure that espouses this line of thinking for the cause of the “common good”. We celebrate diversity, but our celebration lasts only as long as it is an exercise in self-exaltation or promotes our worldview. Where then lies the hope for humanity? In regard to the present condition of the Human Race, we must look not at our differences, but maintain an intense gaze on our similarities-as humans. Life is about the issues of the human condition, the heart of the man or woman. But who can know what is in his own heart?

Life as it had been known changed in the first century AD. Jesus came. He came to put everything in perspective, making all the issues of life so simple. He said to love one another, do good to all men (people). His focus was on giving to and not taking from others. He came to be the example of human behavior to show love continuously, consistently, and without expectations of its return. He came to show us the condition of our hearts and that only through union with Him could we experience true change of heart. Oh what a wonderful world it would be if love ruled. God is love.


One thought on “Running The Human Race

  1. Wanda Barrett

    It’s amazing how God is speaking thru you. Something is about to happen! His Glory is about to fill our homes and our families!!!🔥

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