Revival of the Fittest

Revival. I need it. I want it. I crave it. But how do I find it? In the church world, when the word revival is uttered, often time images of fiery evangelists, tearful alter calls, and experiences based on high emotions comes to mind. After the evangelist had gone and the music stops, what is left to go with me on Monday morning when the world wants to eat me alive? If the “revival” fades as fast as a flower on the summer sun, then it was simply an experience and not true revival from within.

As I search the Scriptures for examples of real, true, lasting revival, I don’t see anything that quite resembles what many experience today. Therefore, I go to God to redefine my definition of revival. In the Old Testament, the lives of the Israelites demonstrate a constant cycle of rebellion, sin, repentance, and revival. A thorough reading of their journey through the desert shows the reader their revival never lasted. And so it is with our fast-paced modern lives. Can lasting revival be possible for today’s Christian? Let’s look closely into God’s word at what will lead us to experiences true, lasting revival.

Revival means a refreshing, to restore to life or effectiveness. Revival can come in many forms: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and so on. God’s prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel are a few of those sent to the surrounding nations to call God’s people (now Christians) to spiritual revival. Revival is not outward, but inward. It comes to totally reshape our very souls, reaching deep within to change, to form and in some cases, to reform us into God’s intended purpose.

Revival is in the very heart of me. It lives there; it exists in the deepest chambers of my soul. God has placed it there for the right time and the time is now. I am seeking God daily for more pieces to my vision of personal revival. True revival is inside of each of us. We must desire it, seek it, and let God work in us to bring it about in His perfect timing.

Are you in need of real, true, lasting revival? I am. How do you see yourself- tired or fit for good works, weak in spirit or full of the Spirit, ready to slow down and sit down or ready to get up and go forward to conquer new territory? If you are truly ready to prepare yourself for revival, seek the presence of God and His wisdom on your revival. Real change will be realized only with each man and woman of God seeking it- diligently. I know life is crazy, mine is, but it’s time. That’s all that needs saying- it’s time. No more excuses (I’m so talking to myself here!), no more lack of effort (i.e., LAZINESS-ouch!)and no more FEAR (whom do I have to fear but God). God has not given me (us) a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. Lord, help me to get up, grow up, so I can move up!

Promise yourself that you will pray for revival in you, yes you, not your family members or your best friend, but you. God is looking for somebody who will stand on the word- who will not live life as usual, one who will be both bold and wise. God has a plan for YOUR life. Don’t deny it any longer. Reach out and grab hold of what HE has for your life. Find His vision, the real vision of what He wants you to do. You don’t have to be smart, wealthy, or popular. Be willing, obedient and listen for what He tells you to do. He has already planted it in your heart, now GO FOR IT! I cannot wait to hear from each of you as you share the vision God has for you! Revival time is here! Woo-Hoo!


One thought on “Revival of the Fittest

  1. Wanda Barrett

    I’m truly ready for revival within me! I know there is more to the life than what I have and what I see and how I feel. There is so much more and I want it! My question is how do I care for family, as a wife, mother, grandmother and daughter, and still serve my purpose as God placed me on this earth to do? Any comments?

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