Be A Chaser

In early 2000, a good friend introduced me to a book by Tommy Tenney titled The God Chasers. Thinking it would be a good read, I purchased it and began reading. Oh, how I was surprised! This was not your usual how to get-closer-to-God book; it was amazing! By the end of the first chapter, I was hooked. The idea of chasing after God was new and exciting to me. I will never forget the description of the author’s experience of the heavy presence of God where almost no one in the sanctuary could stand. They were all on their faces weeping and crying out before The Lord for hours.

Did you get that? They were weeping uncontrollably and crying out to God for more of Him. They were not asking for anything of Him or from Him; they only wanted Him.

A little more than a decade later, I hear only vague recollections of God’s Spirit moving mightily in American churches, even in those that profess to be Spirit-filled. What happened, you might ask. Has God forgotten us? Was this type of manifestation of God for then and not for now? I answer these questions with a resounding NO! A quick look into Matthew 25:1-13 may lead us to the cause.

I must confess that I find this particular passage both exciting and frightening. It speaks specifically of the condition of the Church at Jesus’ return. This excerpt from Matthew should lead each Christian to look inwardly and do a bit of spiritual inventory. Am I truly ready for The Lord to return? Am I a wise or a foolish virgin? Have I made myself ready for my Lord?

It appears that God is waiting on His people to rouse themselves from their drowsy spiritual states, and trim their lamps in anticipation of His coming. According to these verses at least some of us have left our first love. Now I’m not one of those who tries to pinpoint Jesus’ return, but let’s face it, we can see that the world of today does not resemble the world of say 10 years ago. It is changing very rapidly.

Are you seeking Him with all your heart? Are you connecting with Him daily, allowing him to pour into your life? Or, are you stuck in the same old junk that jerks your attention away from God and onto your problems, circumstances, or sin that we just can’t seem to overcome? God wants you, yes you-your heart, your time, and your love. He has given us SO much that we sometimes take our relationship with Him for granted. Much to my sorrow, I know I have been guilty of this.

But God, in His mercy, never leaves us comfortless. We have His Holy Spirit to prompt us, lead us, and convict us to get back on track. I am so thankful to God for His Spirit and His word that always lead me homeward. As we approach the day Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25, let us all look inward so we may all go upward. True revival lives within us. Today- let us pray sincerely with passion, seek God’s face daily, love Him, respect Him by spending time with Him. Let us desire to know Him intimately, to run (chase) after Him until we find Him. A good question to ask yourself is who do you know better, God or your best friend? I think the answer will puts things into perspective.
So much more of God lies beyond the trickle of His presence that we have become accustomed to. God dares us to chase after Him. I dare you to jump into the flood of His mighty presence! May God’s peace and joy be with you as you follow hard after Him!


2 thoughts on “Be A Chaser

  1. Wanda Barrett

    Jo, this absolutely is amazing and right on time. I was organizing my creation space I use for my ceramics and came across a book I had tucked away for a rainy day reading; guess what that book was I found this morning! You got it ״God Chasers”!! I love it when God speaks!! Truly thru you He spoke to me -confirmation!!! I thank God you for every day and ask for bountiful blessing to over take you🙏💫

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